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  • Hypericum Oil

    St. John's wort is a low perennial herb with light woody branches and flowery flowers that bloom on its peaks from June to September.

    With properties that make it one of the most important herbal remedies, St. John's wort from antiquity is known for effective treatment of dermatological problems, wound healing and immune system enhancement.

    Nowadays, it is also one of the most researched herbs and with particularly encouraging results in the treatment of mild and moderate depression and other mental and neurological disorders.

    The hypericum oil is produced by putting the flowered tops of the plant into a bottle of virgin olive oil and leave it for 2-3 weeks in the sun. Then it gets red and is ready for use.

    It is anti-depressant, sedative, antispasmodic and sleep quality improvers in insomnia.

    Anti-inflammatory and healing for burns and wounds.

    Tonic and stimulant for weakened organisms.

    Reliable and palliative in bronchitis, cough, asthma, muscle aches.

    Menstrual-regulator of menstruation. Diuretic. Spasmolytic. For stomach-intestinal disorders.

    Hypericum can affect the metabolism of certain enzymes. Consequently, care should be taken when given concurrently with other medicines. Also, because it affects the neurotransmitters, it interacts with various drugs, including other antidepressants. Hypericin may cause photosensitivity. Balsamic oil causes photosensitivity, so use it only when there is no direct exposure to the sun and better for the evening.

    Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not take the supernatant in any form.


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