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  • What Is Honey

    The bees take the nectar from the flowers. Τhey gather it in their prey and transfer it to the hive. They place nectar in the cells. There, nectar loses the extra moisture it contains and together with enzymes it becomes honey. Then, the bees cover the honey with beeswax.

  • Crystallization

    Crystallisation is a natural biological phenomenon of natural raw honey, which does not cause any change in its nutritional and biological properties. Therefore, a crystallized honey is not damaged or adulterated. this property is due to dextrose molecules of honey, which change mainly in the cold. Some honey crystallise within a few weeks after extraction from the honeycombs, while others remain in liquid form for months or years. The crystallization time depends on the origin of the honey and on its preservation.

  • Greek Honey

    Greek honey is considered quality by the best honey. The morphological and climatic conditions in our country, with great sunshine, favor the development of a diverse flora with many different kinds of plants.

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